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Jobs for the Future
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Buoyant produced 40+ compelling signature videos, vodcasts, and podcasts for Jobs For the Future's national conferences and campaigns.


JFF Labs


2021 - Present

During the past few years, Buoyant has served as a storytelling partner for Jobs for the Future (JFF). Buoyant produces corporate interviews, conference videos, podcasts, vodcasts and digital stories for their marketing and communications needs.

Buoyant was a storytelling partner for JFF's annual Horizon's national conference.

Prior to each conference, we craft compelling signature videos that set the tone and vision for the keynote opening. We produce pre-recorded and issues-based videos, which are branded to align seamlessly with the conference theme. Throughout the conference, we capture panel discussions, seminars, and interviews. At the conclusion of each day, we create highlight reels to provide virtual attendees with an immersive front-row experience of the event.

Buoyant pitched and produced a live video-podcast (vodcast) at JFF's Horizons conference. For two days, we recorded a series of 60-minute fireside chats in an isolated room that comfortably seats about 100 people for small group discussions featuring the most sought-after people at the conference. The content was captured in a way that could be easily distributed through various channels including social media, social ad buy, e-newsletter, and podcast.

Buoyant has produced two seasons (20+ episodes) of an informative podcast series for JFF about the future of work. With our talented team including an award-winning audio engineer and a news producer, the series has received acclaim in the industry. We also managed social media buys to promote the podcast while providing detailed performance analytics.

Partnering with META, JFF hired Buoyant to produce several videos to showcase the potential of emerging technologies in the workplace. Buoyant followed the stories of people who leverage emerging technologies in various industries including healthcare.

Jobs for the Future
Jobs for the Future
Jobs for the Future
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