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Buoyant  1. (n) a joyful optimism and strong belief in humanity’s ability to achieve a more equitable tomorrow;  
2. a safe space to be brilliant  

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What We Do

Buoyant is an award-winning multicultural marketing and communications agency. Founded in 2015, we help purpose-driven brands deliver measurable impact. We transform outdated and ineffective narratives into compelling stories that elevate underrepresented perspectives. By doing so, all audiences see their stories through a broader lens. This opens the door to cultural understanding and new possibilities.

Through our strategic approach to storytelling and a strong emphasis on racial equity and justice, we elevate brand perception, increase awareness, and deliver data-driven results that create substantial impact and drive meaningful change.

We partner with nationally-networked, purpose-driven organizations to elevate awareness of critical issues related to workforce development, food insecurity, aging populations, healthcare, technological innovation, and more.

Our team is a talented mix of storytellers. We are brand strategists, filmmakers, designers, programmers, digital marketers, event producers, and data analysts. We combine expert multicultural marketing with thoughtful human-centered design to create authentic brand solutions.

Buoyant is a 100% Black-owned, MBE-certified, S-Corporation. More than 85% of our team members are people of color.

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Who We Are

Eric Rigaud

Eric Rigaud

Founder & CEO

Eric Rigaud is an award-winning cultural media producer and entrepreneur working at the intersection of storytelling, digital technologies, and equitable community-building. Eric's work harnesses multicultural voices in innovative ways to inspire audiences and engage stakeholders.

In my previous role as Executive Director at Buoyant Sound, a division of Buoyant Partners, I led a passionate team in leveraging music for social impact. Collaborations with esteemed clients like PBS, Ford Foundation, and Discovery Channel yielded music-driven experiences that inspired audiences and led to tangible social outcomes.

My career milestones include a pivotal consultancy at Black Entertainment Television (BET), where I spearheaded 'Rap-It-Up,' BET’s first nationwide cause-related campaign, combating HIV/AIDS in the African American community. This groundbreaking project remains one of BET's most impactful cause-related initiatives.

Before that, at Procter & Gamble, I served as part of a management team overseeing a $40 million budget to revitalize Safeguard bar soap and hand sanitizer products in North America. Working with Saatchi & Saatchi, we developed the 'Safeguard, Safe World' advertising campaign and a national education initiative on dry hand cleansing.

With over two decades of experience, I've consistently orchestrated impactful campaigns, fostered collaborations, and utilized technology to effect meaningful change across diverse sectors, spanning from non-profits to global brands.

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Katrice Saunders

Katrice Saunders

VP, Creative Services & Digital +AI Strategies

A digital media pioneer, Katrice has spent 30 years telling compelling stories through traditional and digital media. Katrice leads the strategy, design, and technical development of Buoyant's storytelling products and services.

With a passion for social impact, Katrice has dedicated much of her career to championing the voices of marginalized communities, creating powerful narratives that highlight their experiences, and driving initiatives that foster inclusivity and equity. As the Vice President of Creative Services & Digital Media for TV One, she was instrumental in helping to launch the television network and position it as a place for African Americans to share authentic stories.

Before that, Katrice honed her strategic skills as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies, including Nike, Timberland, and Kellogg's. In this role, she led international creative teams in developing innovative digital products.

Throughout her career, Katrice has led the development of digital products to amplify social causes. She led marketing efforts for the National Immigration Forum, The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, and the Case Foundation. She also led the original launch of PBS Kids Online, building its content-rich digital platform. She began her career as a children's television show host and producer for Fox Kids Network.

Leading Buoyant's Innovation Lab, Katrice is focused on emerging technologies (AI, AR, VR) that can scale social impact. "By leveraging these tools, we can create more inclusive narratives that showcase individual power and community strength."

Shamika Shahid

Shamika Shahid

VP, Operations & Event Management

As a seasoned operations and events professional, Shamika brings a wealth of expertise in streamlining processes, optimizing efficiency, and driving organizational success.  Her leadership is marked by a proven track record of orchestrating large-scale projects/events, cultivating high-performing teams, and delivering tangible results that align with overarching business objectives.

My journey into this dynamic realm started with a passion for orchestrating seamless experiences. Over the years, I've honed my skills in meticulously planning, coordinating, and executing events that leave a lasting impact. My career has been a blend of strategic thinking and on-the-ground action, whether it's overseeing logistics for large-scale conferences or fine-tuning the intricate details of intimate corporate gatherings.

With over 20 years experience, my knack for optimizing processes and fostering teamwork has been pivotal in navigating the complexities of this field.  I focus on delivering flawless experiences for our clients, while managing all logistical aspects of Buoyant's internal portfolio of client projects. I am also responsible for overseeing workflows for the Buoyant Partner Network (BPN) and small business partners -- ensuring they understand all aspects of Buoyant workflow and process.

Derek Allen

Derek Allen

VP, Media Production

With a passion for his craft and a talent for bringing visions to life, Derek J. Allen remains a trailblazer in the constantly evolving field of visual media. Whether he's capturing the perfect shot or leading as a producer, Derek combines expertise and innovation that is truly unmatched.

My career has primarily focused on working as a cinematographer and video editor. I have applied my expertise to a wide range of projects, including independent films, commercials, broadcast TV, documentaries, and corporate and industrial films.

In addition to my skills in cinematography and editing, I have also taken on the role of a producer in recent years. Currently, I oversee all creative and technical aspects of various media products. This includes effectively managing both large and small teams for in-person and remote productions, demonstrating my ability to handle the complexities of diverse production environments.

Throughout my successful career, I have made significant contributions to numerous projects for esteemed clients. My portfolio includes collaborations with organizations such as the American Red Cross, United Way of America, Verizon, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The National Museum of African American History and Culture, Aspire, TV One, Comcast/Xfinity, and HGTV, among others. My commitment to delivering high-quality content has made a lasting impact on the broadcast, cable, and corporate sectors.

With a wealth of experience and a passion for storytelling through visual media, I continue to play a crucial role in shaping the industry. I have earned a well-deserved reputation as a reliable and innovative professional.


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