Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity
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Buoyant developed compelling digital media campaigns for Comcast Xfinity which included live concerts, virtual events and a companion marketing materials (website and mobile app).





Xfinity Front Row

Buoyant produced a series of both live and virtual concerts for Comcast Xfinity to drive their engagement strategy. Our in-person concerts included both a 10 multi-camera shoot attended by hundreds in an arena as well as intimate in-studio recordings with a few musicians. Our virtual concerts were interactive livestreams delivered via YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

While the YouTube and Facebook livestreams helped us connect with Xfinity audiences, we couldn't access crucial registrant data due to privacy restrictions on those platforms. This prevented us from generating new leads from non-subscribers or enhancing subscriber loyalty for Xfinity products and services. To address this, Buoyant developed Xfinity Front Row, a custom livestreaming and video-on-demand platform. This platform offers high-quality livestreaming and video-on-demand features, similar to YouTube Live and Facebook Live, while allowing us better access to valuable data.

Buoyant conceptualized and created an original content livestream series, 1VOICE Forward, for the launch of the platform. The show featured six Grammy nominated gospel music artists performing intimate performances. Buoyant also conceptualized and produced 1 Voice Regional Gospel Showcase, which was a competition show that included digital voting to select finalists who later competed in an in-person livestreamed show.

Comcast Xfinity
Comcast Xfinity
Comcast Xfinity
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