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Buoyant produced 50+ in-depth interviews with some of the world's most prominent celebrities, experts, and leaders for AARP's Black, Hispanic Latino, Asian American Pacific-Islander, and LGBTQ communities.




February 2021 - Present

Historically, AARP and their state offices have partnered with the most iconic Black institutions to participate in over 300 in-person events a year. But during COVID-19, it became clear that in-person events would not be possible. To continue their strong connection to community, AARP hired Buoyant to shift these events to a digital platform. Creating a digital first strategy, Buoyant produce more than 50 half-hour to one-hour high-quality, interactive live-stream events for AARP's Diversity & Inclusion audiences (Black, Hispanic Latino, Asian American Pacific-Islander, and LGBTQ).

After the success of our first show in the series, 'Real Conversations with AARP,' featuring a star-studded lineup of some of the world's most prominent Black celebrities, experts, and community leaders discussing thought-provoking topics, AARP expanded our role to oversee the production of all their projects in the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI). Buoyant is now producing a Spanish-language celebrity show called A Todo Volumen for AARP's Hispanic/Latino division. As we look to expand these important conversations to more communities, Buoyant has booked studios for live video capture all over the country, in multiple locations simultaneously, to capture more perspectives.

Buoyant brought in tools that immediately raised production values and created a seamless at-home viewing experience. In the studio, Buoyant procured sets and managed all aspects of production from pre to post.  Buoyant also employed state-of-the-art virtual production platforms for professional remote production. With more than 2 million views, audiences showed up in high numbers to watch the live and scheduled events.

Buoyant wanted to ensure that AARP's online space was safer than it had been to date. AARP had been receiving a barrage of spam seeking to lure their senior audiences off the AARP site. So, Buoyant recommended and implemented artificial intelligence to fight the stream of spam bots causing havoc on the AARP Black Community page. In doing so, we changed how AARP showed up for Black audiences altogether, creating the most successful online series in the history of AARP.

Expanding our role as AARP's storytelling partner, Buoyant provided strategic technical consulting and tool integration to streamline their inter-agency communications. Buoyant offered a dynamic solution to foster synchronized efforts, ensuring alignment among multiple internal agencies.

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